Poetry Workshop – ZTDC Gauteng (Soshanguve)

Zakheni Training and Development Centre (ZTDC) recently held a Poetry Workshop at Falala Community Hall in Soshanguve targeting 109 youth Out of school, drawn from the surrounding townships. The two day workshop nurtured young talent in the poetry scripting and reciting, empowering young people with soft skills in readiness for employment opportunities.  Phemelo Sekgwatlha, a renown poet facilitated the workshop which was funded by National Lotteries Trust Distribution Fund (NLTDF).

Zakheni Training & Development Centre at Falala Community Hall

Zakheni Training & Development Centre at Falala Community Hall


Arts & Culture Workshops

ZTDC has further identified arts and culture as a vehicle to attain social cohesion. Arts and Culture activities are used to address and raise awareness about the aforementioned and further to create better understanding of different cultural groups, with subsequent resultant being the embracing of different cultures. This is further enhanced by a cultural exchange programme we run through AFS Inter-culture South Africa. Through globalization, we have suddenly become members of the international community and are confronted with expectations and standards to adhere to.