ZTDC Youth Programmes

ZTDC is currently running four programmes; namely, the HIV/AIDS Education Programme, the Environment Programme, Arts and Culture Education Programme, Community Capacity Enhancement (CCE) Programme and the Cultural Exchange Programme.

Different approaches, guided by clear, unambiguous objectives are used to deal with these aforementioned challenges.
These programmes and workshops seeks to equip beneficiaries with coping skills in dealing with the demands of life.

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Targeted groups:

  • Youth in school (12-18 YRS)

Learners from Grade 7-11 in secondary schools are trained as peer educators.  The selected Peer Educators conduct contact, interactive sessions to a group of learners.  Group discussions are conducted according to planned schedules suitable to a particular school.  Programme facilitators and Supervisors continuously mentor, support and evaluate progress.  We are engaging with Life orientation educators for content support.

  • Youth out of school(18-35 YRS)

Young people out of school are also trained as Peer Educators.  Those selected are responsible for the recruitment, planning and implementation of the programme.  Various activities are conducted as according to group’s common interests e.g. drama, dancing poetry etc.  On a monthly basis ZTDC will organise workshops for these groups focusing on issues around health matters and life skills.


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